Casino Names: The Funny, Dumb & Perplexing

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Casino Names: The Funny, Dumb & Perplexing
Casino Names: The Funny, Dumb & Perplexing

What's in a name? Apparently a lot! Like it or not, a name sums up our entire identity and greatly influences how we are perceived, judged and treated by others. Choosing a name for our children, a company or business, or even pets is not easy and the permanence of this decision makes it even more difficult to make. Imagine you're about to launch a brand new casino and have to think of what to call it. You need something unique, catchy, easy to pronounce and remember, to make players want to check it out. Suddenly it's not just a word - a name must properly reflect everything your company is about, something powerful enough to become a trademark, a brand, a synonym for the product! It's the first thing players see, and we all know how important first impressions are, especially in cyberspace where no face-to-face contact can occur. All it takes is a little over a minute for a person to make a judgment on a subconscious level, and decide whether or not your casino deserves a deeper look. First impressions have a long-lasting effect on decision making and one that is hard to shake off later on. Agh, the torture!

In the many years of our happy love affair with gambling, we've laughed and wondered at hundreds of funny, silly, awesome and ridiculous casino names. It's interesting how people come up with ways to communicate a message their brand is supposed to represent. Some get it right, others, unfortunately, don't, but for us, on the other side, it is always fun to observe and ponder.

Some Memorable Examples

Let's start with a site we all know, but few of us like. It's Pamper Casino! One of the most notorious groups ever to exist in this industry, which in the seven years of slumbering in the dark pits of our Warning list never made a reasonable effort to improve. Suppose their name is to indicate customers can expect nothing less than to be pampered, showered and spoiled with attention and first-class services. What we ended up getting actually felt like being slapped in the face with a dirty diaper: delayed payments (if you're lucky to get anything at all), pirated games, phony license and all that jazz. Honestly, their name always reminded us of the famous baby nappies brand anyway, so we guess you could say they're full of s..t.

Bumbet - what were you thinking guys, for goodness' sake? A hobo, a backside, something that is second-rate? Take your pick! Though let's give them a break, the site caters to Latin America, and the word can also mean "boom" in Portuguese. That sounds quite nice for a gambling site, so we'll just leave it at that.

BurnBet is not a bad name, but considering their past misdeeds, we can't help but shake our heads in disapproval. In 2017, we found out they are supplied by 2WinPower, a known distributor of fake gambling software. This is not where the sad story ends, however. Soon after exposing them to the gaming public, they started threatening our admin Zuga - death by Cosa Nostra was our favorite one. It kinda packs a punch you know. But don't worry, Don Zuga is fine, grazie a Dio! They've burned players all right, and their money too!

Next is a site you have to speak Serbian to laugh at. In our Belgrade office, there's always a muffled chuckle whenever it comes up in a conversation. Yebo is quite popular in South Africa, and their name is supposed to convey an approval or agreement. But! In Serbian, it reads just like our slang for, er... doing the deed, action between the sheets, making love, play hide the salami, you know the deal. If you remember more casinos with similar names, or even better - themed designs, let us know. We need it for...uh...research.

Cashiopiea - well, this is just so tacky! Did someone over there really think this sounds cool? They have a sister brand called Midas, obviously, it's about Greek mythology, turning everything into gold, getting lots of cash and so on, stuff that gamblers dream about. Still, it is all one big cringe fest if you ask us.

Oranje - another Serbian jewel! It means plowing, and even spells the same. Pronunciation is probably not exactly the same, but it is funny none the less. They are serving our fellow Dutch gamblers, and are actually quite decent, so hopefully, they won't take offense at our little light-hearted joke!

Dong Casino - It's not what you think, but go ahead and laugh, we did too. Dong is a common word in Asia and the Orient, and has multiple meanings including a surname, an ethnic group, a direction of movement or even a boss/manager. Now closed, the site catered to this region, so it's only natural to feature a familiar theme and name. Poor them never knew what Western players associated their site with. Here's a hint - it rhymes with schmenis.

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